Grow & Learn ages 4~7 배경이미지

Grow & Learn
ages 4~7

Timetable Example

After school

It’s time to learn the basics of the Korean language. The classes are conducted according to the level of the kids. 5years old- Helps kids understand syllables, consonants, vowels). 6years old- The kids learn about whole letters and read understand sentences. 7years old- Related activities include drawing diaries and dictation activity.


This program helps develop the five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, sound) along with balanced development of the brain by providing various experiences using different materials.


It is a class where the kids can develop background knowledge and improve kids Korean language expression by using various books and topics language stimulus is developed.


MORPHUN is a program that helps kids to develop their small muscles they are connected in several directions by the groove and roll of the block.


Helps kids develop concentration and creativity in the process of completing a piece of origami art. This helps with the development of small muscles.


Helps the kids know teacher questions correctly and answer. The kids will be able to experience of discussion as they exchange questions. It helps children to talk in accordance with Five-W and How (When, where, who, what, how, why) when they talk.


It is a program that helps expand the scope of conversation in English by talking in detail and depth about one topic with a native English teacher. The kids can think for themselves, help each other and complete one task.


It’s a program that helps kids learn how to follow the story, expand the kids background knowledge through storybooks in various fields and expand the kids imagination and sensitivity through the use of words.


Using the strengths of children who have the ability to visualize sound, it is a program that helps easily access onomatopoeia and mimetic words in kid’s songs. It encourages them to feel happy by expressing rhythm and vivid expressions.


It is a program that enables kids to easily understand the concepts of shapes, planes, and particles by using stereoscopic pieces to construct cube shapes. They develop various problem-solving skills and thinking skills about space by inferring invisible parts of the particles.


Through sand play, the kids can help stabilize emotional development, cooperate with friends and enhance social skills and creativity.


It’s an activity where kids can choose the blocks they want and take advantage of their choices by working socially with friends.