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Grow & Learn
ages 4~7


In this class, we take a humane approach to Western civilization and history. Based on this, students answer interesting and fundamental questions about the world we live in. What is power and how do people use it? How do humans evolve? We will discuss how humans and civilizations have grown, evolved and developed, and imagine the future of mankind together.


How big a building can you build with these blocks? How much water is there in the Han River? How far is it from Earth to Mars? In math, students learn to think, find reason, and solve complex problems. When faced with enthusiastic questions from energetic teachers, students learn to solve fun and challenging equations. You need creativity, skill, tenacity and practice to develop mathematical thinking, and that’s what we deliver.


Reading and writing are basic elements of cognition, empathy and expression. Our school is filled with books that provide entertaining, advanced and informative stories that are categorized by children’s abilities.


Learning a second language as a child is important not only in literature and language, but in increasing the flexibility of the brain to learn new things in the future. Starting with the interesting experience of learning English as a second language between the ages of 4 to 9, our school focuses on the fun of learning in a natural and authentic way.


In this simultaneously interactive and soothing class, students are exposed to a variety of children’s novels as they are brought into the world of books. Their imaginations take over as they listen and watch the stories come to life, and later take part in activities and song based on the book at hand. Story Garden is a way for students to practice their listening and comprehension skills while also discovering the joys of reading!


Sounds practice is an engaging but gentle introduction to phonics and the English alphabet. Students enjoy learning through class participation and playful activities. Children learn with visual and audio materials and through books, songs and pictures. They can feel a great sense of accomplishment as they progress from complete beginners to recognizing and sounding out the alphabet!

PE - Cooperation, large motor skill

Kids were made to play, and what better to way let out their energy than gym class? We allow children to enjoy their youth while practicing working as a team and following instructions in a magical and supportive environment. An assortment of gentle exercises and games that improve their large motor skills and coordination are included in the mystical world of Ian gym class!

CIRCLE TIME - Practicing group discussions and expressing ideas

Circle Time is a gentle introduction to group discussions and allows students to express their thoughts and ideas on a weekly topic. Students are encouraged to raise their hands and contribute thoughtfully to discussions, as well as listen to their peer’s ideas. Classes are supported by a teacher who guides the student’s discussion. At higher English levels students write and practice small speeches that they present to their classmates – and maybe one day, to the world!

CHARATER EDUCATION - Listen and participate in a school-wide presentation

Every Friday, after project day, all the students of Ian School gather together for our weekly assembly. Students listen to an exhilarating presentation on a weekly topic; shouts of joy and laughter abound as students are encouraged to participate as much as possible! This class is a great opportunity for our family to come together and talk about our theme, as well as practicing valuable real-world listening skills.


Presidents, world leaders and philanthropists alike all share one common trait – great public speaking skills. We believe that students can excel in their studies and careers if they build on these traits; cue Ian Presenter! In this class, students focus on a monthly topic and learn to write an essay and speech (all by themselves!) properly including an introduction, a body, and a conclusion; just like those required by universities around the world. They later present this memorized speech in front of the rest of the students at the end of the month, garnering valuable experience in both topic writing and public speaking.


What do you get when you take a school project and multiply it? Project class! We will test student’s English skills to the max and let their creativity flow while we create an original work of over the course of each semester. Will students star in their own music video, take center stage in a self-produced play, or participate in a rap battle against their peers? Each term will bring new excitement, while the students put their English skills to use and create memories that will last them a lifetime.

MUSIC - Enjoys singing, playing instruments, and dancing

Music and song are gifts that allow children to develop not only their physical and academic skills, but social skills too. Children will practice belting it out while performing a range of music in various genres, all while being introduced to new cultures and ways of life through sound. Children focus on learning English song lyrics, and their confidence will bloom all while experience the joy of music with their


Exciting storytelling using drama, music, dolls, masks, etc. stimulates five senses, identifies the structure of the story and improves the latent expressiveness.


This class fosters scientific thinking along side curiosity about nature and the human world. Students will explore their scientific curiosity during stimulating discussions, from the question of simple machine operation to the construction of the world’s tallest buildings.

ARTS - Building creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills

We believe in the power of art not only to enhance children’s fine motor skills and encourage creativity, but also to allow students’ imaginations to run wild while further exploring the progressive ideas they’ve learnt about in other classes. Students work both independently and cooperatively to produce engaging, magnificent works of art!


Structured classes are important for children’s learning, but so is having fun. During our Learning Center class, students are taken back to a simpler time where they can work together to play various English board games while allowing language to develop naturally. Ian School’s motto of ‘Learning Through Play’ is epitomized in this entertaining and educational class.


Building and breaking through the process learn by through the basic concepts of math and science. Socially developed through the Create a group activity, too. Imagination with my friends with children through the process of creative ideas to communicate and to cooperate, correct and learn how to self-expression. Learn the basic concepts of alignment and calculations.


Through drama play, the expression of imagination and behavior is stimulated Explore and understand characters, scenes, and topics through empathy.